Health news: More on sex, sugar, fish, and smiling

Here are a few of my favorite health articles from the last month. Man’s secret to longevity: ‘Keep smiling’ Joseph Gray turned 100 last month. His secret to living long and well? “Keep smiling,” he said, according to his daughter Ellie Gray. Joseph is hard of hearing but is well aware of what’s going on …

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Recipe: Smoked Salmon

Salmon recipe

My buddy Justin invited me last year on a salmon fishing trip on the Trinity River outside of Redding, Calif. We both caught a few good-sized salmon and brought them home. That’s when I fell in love with smoked salmon. I found this recipe on on What’s Cooking America. It worked so well I’m saving …

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The latest news in longevity research

Longevity research

I enjoy reading the latest research into longevity. It helps me stay focused on being healthy and gives me optimism for the future. When I need a little inspiration I just think of my racquetball buddy Lloyd Miller, who turned 90 last summer and still hits the gym every day. He is a living example …

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Health News: Eat more fat, less sweetener

latest headlines

–Latest headlines in nutrition news– A handful of nuts is good for your health A handful of nuts a day may be enough to reduce the risk for death from heart disease and other ills. In a review combining data from 20 prospective studies, researchers found that compared with people who ate the least nuts, …

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How exercise may help the brain grow stronger

I enjoy reading the latest research on health and fitness. This report shows how exercise can help grown and improve the brain. It specifically shows how ketones are related to brain health. -New York Times reports- Physical activity is good for our brains. A wealth of science supports that idea. But precisely how exercise alters …

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Where’s your beef come from?

Paso Robles rancher Coco Collelmo.

Do you know where your beef comes from? I do. I recently met rancher Coco Collelmo. She raises a small herd of grass-fed New Zealand Angus seven miles up Adelaide Road from our house in Paso Robles. Coco’s father started the business in 1959. In 2001, Coco met David Foss of New Zealand who brought …

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