Breaking news: Sex, meditation, fasting, carbs, sugar

Here are few current headlines on some of my favorite topics. Enjoy! Sex tied to better brain power Men who were more sexually active showed higher scores on tests of memory skills and executive function — the mental processes involved in planning, solving problems and paying attention — whereas women who were more sexually active …

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Sitting is the new smoking

Standing desk

It’s time to stand up for your health Sitting might be just as bad for you as smoking, according to several studies. It doesn’t even matter how much you exercise. “Heavy sitters” have higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and early death. Your chair is killing you. • More than four hours a …

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Racing triathlons makes me feel alive

Wildflower Triathlon

Triathlons changed my life. Five years ago I weighed 280 pounds. I had a BMI of 36, which classified me as severely obese. I was ready for a change. I spent a few months working up to my first 5k run. I set my next target as a sprint triathlon. Over a year of training …

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Staying up late is increasing your weight

It’s well documented that getting eight hours of sleep per night is critical to good health. Here is an additional study from the research journal Obesity that specifically identifies staying up late as a related problem. Staying up late at night can lead to an additional 2 pounds a month weight gain, researchers reported Wednesday. …

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In Defense of Food

  I’m really enjoying the book “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan. He writes this “eater’s manifesto” from the perspective that we all need to be eating more real food, not the pre-packaged, fast-food variety. The book’s motto is “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” The author writes without a bias toward any …

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