Tribute to James ‘Jim’ Loy Chapel

Jim Chapel obituary

My Uncle Jim Chapel passed away last month. I wanted to take a few minutes to write a tribute and obituary for him. I know he touched the lives of many from his years coaching at Cerritos High School, participation at his church, and being a great dad, grandpa, uncle, and more. My memories of …

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Thomas Justin ‘Josh’ Tobin dies at 61

Here’s an obituary I wrote for Beth’s father: Thomas Justin “Josh” Tobin died peacefully in his sleep October 24, 2011. He was 61 years old. Josh was born March 22, 1950 in Dunkirk, New York, to Marguarite Rebecca (Wilson) and Thomas Stroh Tobin. He grew up with three siblings: Charles “Chuck” Albert Tobin, Jay Mercer …

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Why we chose your name, William

William Brennan name meaning

Dear William Tobin Brennan, We chose the name “William Tobin” because William is a family name for me and Tobin because it is Beth’s maiden name. Her father was Thomas Justin (Josh) Tobin. My grandfather’s grandfather was William Brennan (1811-1881). He was the first Brennan in the family to come to the New World from …

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Why we chose your name, Christine

Christine Anne Brennan

Dear Christine Anne Brennan, We chose the name “Christine Anne” because they are family names close to us. Christine “Chris” Brennan (1918-1977) was my paternal grandmother, your grandpa’s mom. She was a very smart and sweet woman who cared for her children and grandchildren dearly. She was born Esther Christine Godleske and grew up in …

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