Local food, wine and adventure blogger, and friend, Matt Browne interviewed me for a Q&A on his Hoot n Annie website. It was a lot of fun and I really appreciated it. Original post is here. This is a re-post:

Q&A with Scott Brennan of Access Publishing

I met Scott Brennan seven or eight years ago and it didn’t take long to become friends. I’ve seen his businesses, and him, change a lot in these years. I thought he would make for an interesting Q&A due to his unique work in our area and insights into the people and businesses. So let’s get to it…

Matt: Where were you born?
Scott: I was born at General Hospital of soap opera fame in downtown Los Angeles; grew up in Whittier, Calif. nearby; went to high school at the San Fernando Mission and college at Cal State Fullerton.

Matt: How long have you been in Paso Robles? What brought you to Paso?Image-1136477-246482656-2-WebLarge_0_c0f94a67104e6417b669acf8890adb7f_1
Scott: My wife Beth and I first moved here in 2001. I was a group newspaper publisher for News Media Corp. and helped the company purchase the Paso Robles Press, Atascadero News. After the ownership transition, we moved back to South Monterey County. In 2006, we decided to go into business for ourselves and started Access Publishing in Paso Robles.

Matt: How did you first get involved in advertising/ media?
Scott: Shortly out of college, I was hired as a reporter for the Register-Pajaronian newspaper in Santa Cruz County. My editor told me that once newspaper ink gets into your veins, it never lets you go. I found that to be true. I’ve had a passion for news ever since.

Matt: What are all of your current advertising/media assets?
Scott: Our business is a combination of advertising and marketing solutions both online and in print. Our revenue is currently split about 50/50 between online and print. In addition to the publications below, we provide website design and an online marketing service called Access Local Search. It’s an SEO (search engine optimization) program that helps local businesses rank higher in Google search results for their keywords.


Paso Robles Daily News
, A-Town Daily News, 
San Luis Obispo County Visitors Guide
, North County Access business directory
, Templeton Community Guide, 
Cambria Phone Book
, Heritage Ranch Directory
, Oak Shores Directory.

Matt: What’s your favorite thing to work on?
Scott: I am a news junkie at heart, so the daily news sites are my biggest passion. I also enjoy exploring the county for the SLO County Visitors Guide and discovering new restaurants, wineries, and attractions.

Matt: Was this a longtime goal/dream? What did you want to be when you “grew up”?
Scott: Access Publishing fulfills a lot of my childhood dreams. Firstly, I always dreamed of being an entrepreneur and running businesses. Secondly, I dreamed of being creative and productive. Thirdly, I have always enjoyed writing and publishing. I wrote and created my first publication when I was 10-years-old. It was a booklet on how to care for pet rats and mice. I asked my dad to make photocopies for me at his office and I stapled them together.

Matt: What are your three favorite things about Paso?
Scott: There are so many things I love about Paso Robles. The first three things that come to mind: The family-friendly feel to our community; the great food at our local farms and restaurants; the wine.

Matt: What are your three least favorite things about Paso?
Scott: That is a tough question. I try to see the good in everything. The things I would like to see improved: crumbling roads, homelessness, and the local economy.

Matt: You are now on the Planning Commission, have you always wanted to get involved on this level and do you have plans for further politics in the future?
Scott: I’m thankful the city council appointed me to the planning commission last March. I’ve always wanted to be part of the solution, rather than just sit around and complain. It is a great learning experience for me. I think it is an opportunity to contribute and give back to the community I love. I have not thought much about a future in politics.

Matt: What are you doing when you aren’t working?
Scott: I am trying to be a good dad for our two children, William, 8, and Christine, 10, by reading to them, teaching them and playing with them. Otherwise, I am at the gym almost every day weightlifting, training for triathlons, or playing racquetball.

Matt: Current favorite restaurants in Paso Robles?
Scott: My favorites right now are Amsterdam Coffee House for breakfast, Odyssey World Café for lunch and Fish Gaucho for dinner.

Matt: Current favorite wineries in Paso Robles?
Scott: I have way too many favorite wineries. Here are a few that come to mind: Calcareous , Red Soles, J. Lohr, Castoro, J. Dusi, Whalebone, Austin Hope, Eberle, Tablas Creek, Clos Solene, Bodega de Edgar, Mitchella, Opolo, and so many more.

Matt: You have two kids, what are your favorite kid related things to do in the area?
Scott: We have a lot of fun at the Paso Robles Children’s Museum, the Atascadero Zoo, the Ravine Waterpark and Sherwood Park.

Matt: Where do you see Paso in 10 years? This could be related to business, the wine industry, anything.
Scott: Since I have seen some of the plans in the works for the city at the planning commission, I see continued growth in population and a strong tourist economy. Paso Robles has a lot to offer. It will continue to attract a lot of outside investment because it is a wonderful place to live and work.