Scott Brennan on Random Thoughts with Bill and Rob
Scott Brennan on Random Thoughts with Bill and Rob

Bill Roof and Rob Sharp record their podcast, “Random Thoughts with Bill and Rob”

Local podcast celebrities Bill Roof and Rob Sharp invited me to go on their weekly show, Random Thoughts with Bill and Rob. We had a lot of fun at Rob’s studio in his Sharp’s Hill Vineyard home. In addition to being a winemaker, he is a nationally-recognized insurance industry expert. Bill is a local hotelier. The two of them are hilarious together.

The duo has successfully launched this podcast, Random Thoughts with Bill and Rob, which continues to grow. It was great to sit around with them and have a glass of wine, smoke a cigar, and chat.

Here’s their description of the show: Random continues with this our episode #13. Today we have in studio guest journalist and entrepreneur Scott Brennan to discuss our random issues like; Marathon man, B&R’s exercise habits, Big boy poker game, King City news, Hillary announcement, NCAA final trip and Rob’s moment of celebrity, Random news – David Hasselhoff video, Man stabbed on Southwest flight, And people who love paying taxes, As well our Random top 10 – 10 things that are Younger than Hilary Clinton…


About Random Thoughts with Bill and Rob

Each week Bill Roof and Rob Sharp “strategically and methodically examine our random thoughts and record these for your enjoyment. The very best thing about our show….it totally free (so you get what you pay for).”

Join them weekly to hear discussion on topics and issues like; sports, cigars, martinis, football, politics, cool technology, food, and any other miscellaneous conversation that pops into their heads.

Stay tuned and come back often for updates on; guests to the show, pictures, schedules, Radom Thoughts stuff, topic ideas, and all of their usual ramblings on under-informed opinions on just about any topic.