How exercise may help the brain grow stronger

I enjoy reading the latest research on health and fitness. This report shows how exercise can help grown and improve the brain. It specifically shows how ketones are related to brain health. -New York Times reports- Physical activity is good for our brains. A wealth of science supports that idea. But precisely how exercise alters …

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Where’s your beef come from?

Paso Robles rancher Coco Collelmo.

Do you know where your beef comes from? I do. I recently met rancher Coco Collelmo. She raises a small herd of grass-fed New Zealand Angus seven miles up Adelaide Road from our house in Paso Robles. Coco’s father started the business in 1959. In 2001, Coco met David Foss of New Zealand who brought …

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Disappointing decision made on medical marijuana cultivation

A last-minute planning commission meeting was called by city staff on the Tuesday before Christmas. The city attorney, police chief and community development director asked our commission to rush to pass new rules prohibiting or restricting cultivation of medical marijuana for personal use in Paso Robles. The staff said it was important to rush the …

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Sitting is the new smoking

Standing desk

It’s time to stand up for your health Sitting might be just as bad for you as smoking, according to several studies. It doesn’t even matter how much you exercise. “Heavy sitters” have higher risks of heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and early death. Your chair is killing you. • More than four hours a …

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