Micro-cell antennae are being planned in busy areas around Paso Robles to handle the increasing demands of cell service. Last week at the planning commission, we approved two small mirco-cell sites for Vina Robles. I’m looking forward to new proposals for sites around the Mid-State Fair, where demand is high, as fairgoers try to record and post video to social media.

Here is a report from Paso Robles Daily News:

Micro-cell sites coming to Paso Robles

cell phone site at Vina Robles
The Paso Robles Planning Commission met on Feb. 9 and approved a conditional use permit application from Verizon Wireless for a “micro-cell” facility at the Vina Robles Amphitheater, the city of Paso Robles Reports.

According to Verizon, cellular networks are getting overwhelmed where there are concentrations of people at special events like concerts. To address this, Verizon is beginning to install small “micro-cell” facilities.

At Vina Robles, two small antennas will be placed on the roof of the concessions building and disguised as vents. A third antenna will be installed on a pole.

The Planning Commission voted to approve the conditional use permit on a 7-0 vote. City staff expect to see many similar projects from Verizon to be requested, especially around the Mid-State Fair.

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