planning commission approves building

At my second planning commission tonight, March 24, 2015, the commission voted unanimously to approve a conditional use permit to allow a homeowner to build a large garage for his motor home. The permit was required because his proposed garage is 2,000 square-feet, which is bigger than 50-percent of his home’s square-feet. He also plans to build the garage to 24 feet in height.

There was no one present to speak in favor of the plan or to oppose it. The commission did receive one letter from a neighbor who was opposed to it. She said the large height and size of the garage could effect homeowner values. The commission heard a report from City Planner Darren Nash and vote to approve the conditional use permit.

Here is the agenda item, click the link for more details.


1. Conditional Use Permit 15-001 – Andrew Brown

For the Planning Commission to consider an application filed by Andrew Brown for a Conditional Use Permit to allow the construction of a 2,016 square foot detached accessory building. The site is located at 2355 Ashwood Place (APN: 009-750-022).

Paso Robles Card Room zoning

The commission was originally planning on hearing a zoning change and conditional use permit for the Paso Robles Casino. At the applicant’s request, the commission voted to continue the public hearing till next meeting on April 14. About five people, including Rob Ezzel from the casino, were in attendance.

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