Is wine paleo

My answer is usually something like this: As long as humans have picked fruit, and as long as fruit has rotted, alcohol has been paleo.

If you let fruit sit around long enough, its sugars will naturally ferment with native yeasts and turn into alcohol. It’s hard to image early cavemen not noticing this and enjoying it.

Most paleo consumers agree that we don’t want to eat processed foods or drink. I think this rules out most hard liquor, beers and cocktails. Many have added sugars and harvested grains in them.

If you are looking for the most paleo alcoholic beverage then drink wine. Look for wine made locally.

What you want in a paleo wine

  • You want it locally made
  • You want to tour the facility and meet the winemaker
  • Be sure the wine is fermented completely without residual sugar
  • You want it without additives or alterations.

Ok, I admit I’m biased. I live in wine country, enjoy the beverage and publish a travel magazine for San Luis Obispo County that thrives on wineries. In fact, when I retire, I’d love nothing more than to buy a winery in Paso Robles.

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