Scott Brennan triathlons

I learned an important lesson last week: A bad day at a triathlon is better than the best day sitting on the couch.

It was at my first triathlon of the year at the 2013 March Triathlon Series hosted by Cal Poly San Luis Obispo at Lake Lopez. The last race I ran was the Wildflower olympic in May of 2012 almost a year ago.

I haven’t done much for training for the last several months, unless you count racquetball a few times a week the Paso Robles Kennedy Club Fitness. I’ve been working over-time at work developing a new services for our company called Access Local Search. The little time I have had left I’ve spent with my wife and children.

The night before the race, my buddy backed out. At 5 a.m. I was ready to call it off and sleep in. Lake Lopez was in the 50s; swimming in it would be cold difficult. I closed my eyes and reflected on everything I had accomplished in the last couple years: losing 80 pounds; getting in shape and keeping the weight off; changing the way I eat to a pale-style diet. I even qualified for lower life insurance rates now that my health had improved.

Was it all for nothing? Wasn’t I mentally tough enough to do it? I started thinking about how far I’d come. I thought about how I want to be in-shape for myself and my family. I mustered the energy and got out of bed and drove down to the race.

If Woody Allen said 80-percent of success in life is showing up, he was 100-percent right. I felt like a million bucks just for showing up and completing the race. As far as speed goes, it was my slowest by far.

Even though I finished low in the rankings, it was the best day ever. While I was in the race, my mind was in a meditation thinking about everything in life I am grateful for: breathing fresh air, soaking in sunshine, and loving my family.

Triathlon Stats

Race #21 – Cal Poly’s March Triathlon Series, Lake Lopez
March 24, 2013
Race: Sprint_M_40-44 , ½-mile swim, 12-mile bike ride, 5k run
Time: 1:54:58
Place: 57/69
Swim time: 20:33
T1 3:21
Bike time: 51:57
T2 1:46
Run Time: 37:21

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