On July 4, 2011, Beth and I took our first trip skydiving from an airport in Lompoc. It was an adventure with Sky Dive Santa Barbara planned for Beth’s birthday.

We took off from Lompoc airport in a small prop airplane loaded down with fellow skydivers. The plane climbed to an altitude of 13,000 feet, the height from which we jumped. Each us were attached to an instructor.

The scariest part was watch Beth jump just before me. I thought: “There’s the mother of my children jumping out of a perfectly good airplane; I hope we make it.” The next scary part was sitting on the edge of the door with my legs swinging in the wind. A split-second later we started free-falling to earth below.

While falling, I had a perfect sense of peace and enjoyed it all the way down. We had about 60 seconds of free falling and then about five minutes of sailing with the parachute open.

The views were simply amazing. The instructor did some spins and fun stuff while gliding on the way down. He shot the movie above with a wrist camera.

For more information, check out Sky Dive Santa Barbara.

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